A Fresh Look & A Proper Introduction

Happy Weekend West Main Followers!

You may notice things are looking a little different around here… I made the leap from hobby blogger to an Interior Styling & DIY website dedicated to inspiring you!  Just over 6 months again I began this blog on a whim, looking for a creative outlet to share all my home projects with family and friends.  I had no idea the work involved, or the fire it would ignite inside me.  While I am still very new in this adventure, I am excited for the journey ahead, and sharing even more inspiring projects with you!

As I made the switch to this new format it gave me a chance to take a look at my previous posts and projects.  I quickly realized I never gave you a proper introduction into my blog or myself!  Rookie mistake!

So what’s my story?  Why another blog out there about DIY and Interior Decor?  To start, I was born into a family of creativity.  My great grandmother worked in upholstery, my grandmother paints, crochets, and sews, while my mom and two aunts collectively sew, paint, DIY, and create amazing stained glass works.  Growing up, it was slightly annoying– being dragged to antique stores to shop and having a mom who wanted to make my outfits rather than buy them.

3 generations of very creative women! (and you can’t tell at all that we are related…) 🙂

Fast forward a few years and I am now the one skipping the mall and heading to Goodwill for vintage pieces and supplies to sew outfits for myself.  I can’t get enough of flea markets, antique shopping, and estate sales.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I post my most recent finds and share some of my favorite shopping spots.

In the 12 years since earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Product Development, I have worked as a magazine intern, apparel designer, store manager, visual merchandiser, and apparel sales representative.  Interior Styling and DIY were always a hobby, until my husband and I bought our home in 2015.

Our home was by no means a fixer upper, but I couldn’t wait to put our own style and character into it.  As we began entertaining and hosting friends, I was constantly asked where I found my unique pieces and how I came up with my DIY ideas.  That turned into requests for styling homes for friends and neighbors, which keeps me busy on top of blogging and a fully time job in sales!

If I were to reveal my biggest fault, I am terrible at self promotion.  Kind of a problem when you are growing a blog!  So many people have told me I belong in the world of interior decor, and I should be selling my DIY projects and custom sewn pillows.  This newly updated blog and website are my baby steps to self promotion and turning my passion into a career.  So that is where you, loyal readers, come in!  If you enjoy reading my posts, or following my Instagram feed, please share with your friends!

So what can you expect in this new space?  More DIY, more interior decor makeovers, and a little travel inspiration thrown in for fun.  We all need a break from our passions from time to time and travel is where I find the reset button, as well as new inspirations.

Now that you know a little more about me and what to expect, please take a moment to check out the blog and share your thoughts!  What projects would you like to see in a tutorial?  Any travel spots I must know about?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

I look forward to this new adventure together, and all the amazing projects coming your way!

Happy Saturday!!



  1. OK, I’m probably prejudiced as I am her mother-in-law, but she’s SO creative. Love to visit their house as every time there is something new. I look at an old piece of whatever and see an old piece of whatever. But she sees a potential home decor. Love it! then


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