Master Bedroom Update- Making Do With What You’ve Got

Happy Sunday Friends!

I am so excited to share today’s post with you, as I think it is something we can all relate to– the need to re-decorate but the lack of budget available.  With spring finally arriving in Ohio, much of our house budget is going to tree work, landscaping, and outdoor improvements.  While all those tasks are much needed, it means my interior budget is out the window.

Knowing that I had no money to decorate, and that I had 4 other projects already going, the sane decision would be to finish the projects I have.  Save up the money to start new projects later in the summer, or wait until the fall.  Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t think in that way…

So despite all those other unfinished projects, the lack of budget, and multiple work travel trips approaching, I decided that a weeknight re-do of our master bedroom made total sense.  Because starting a home project at 5PM on a Thursday night is what everyone does right?!

Okay so now maybe you are asking, why the master bedroom?  Well our master bedroom is a classic example of a room that didn’t come together as I had planned, and therefore it was left in an unfinished, “I’ll come back to it when I’m inspired kind of state.”  Thursday evening, after another week of rainy, gray weather, I walked into our sea of grey bedroom and decided I couldn’t take it any longer.

When I originally planned the design of our master bedroom, I envisioned pale gray walls with white and charcoal bedding.  Something simple and classic.  The paint color I chose went on much darker than planned, and had a blue tinge to it which felt more 90s country blue than Joanna Gaines neutral gray.  My husband I painted the entire room, convinced that it would dry to the shade of gray we were hoping for.  No such luck.

We moved the furniture back in, and as soon as I dressed the bed, I realized the gray bedding was the exact same color as the walls.  Clearly I was so un-inspired by the room that I didn’t even have the energy to replace the vent cover.  Nothing says classy like a giant hole in your bedroom wall!

So that you can get a feel for what I was working with, take a scroll through the before photos…

MasterBedBefore1MasterBedBefore2MasterBedBefore3MasterBedBefore4MasterBedBefore5That is a whole lot of gray for one bedroom… Can you see why it felt so blah and depressing?

So how do you go about redecorating a room when you have no money in the budget and no more than a few hours to complete it?  You get really creative!  I decided to give myself the challenge of transforming this room using items I already owned, and a timeline of 4 hours.  No re-painting, no purchasing new items, nothing brought in from outside our four walls.  It was an intimidating thought, but you saw those before photos– could it possibly get any worse??

I started by stripping off the grey quilt.  I kept the white sheets as they provided some much needed brightness to the room.  I pulled out this multi color patchwork quilt I made a few years ago that will eventually be used in our guest bedroom.  The guest room is rarely used and has not made it to the top of my project list, so the quilt was folded away in the closet.  Many of the colors matched back to our stained glass window panel, and it definitely brought some life to the drab gray walls.bedding

Next up I needed some artwork above the bed.  I have been collecting vintage doilies with the plan to craft them into a piece of wall art similar to the one you see here. Each time I purchased a doily, I would add it to my collection on the dresser in my office. I realized that I now had enough to make into a small piece of wall art.doiliesMasterBedAfter2

I tied each doily together with a small piece of string, and added some braids and tassels using yarn leftover from another project.  I am happy with how the project came out for the short term, but it definitely needs some tweaking before I find a permanent home for it (My husband thinks it is way too girly and boho for our bedroom).  You can expect a full tutorial post in the future with what worked the best, and how to make your own doily wall art.

I don’t like a lot of clutter piling up, so when it came to the nightstands, I wanted both to be clean and simple.  Each stand has drawer space which is perfect for storing books, and magazines rather then letting them pile up on top.

The wood and black of the nightstand is a little too masculine for my taste, so I grabbed a scrap of fabric from a vintage wool blanket and cut it into a runner to cover the top of the nightstand.  The wall art was a birthday gift from a friend, and it’s the perfect motivational quote to see at the beginning and end of each day.


The elephant ring holder is where I keep my wedding rings, and the glass box was made by my mom– it is ideal for holding jewelry pieces I tend to wear everyday.NightstandCloseup

Much to my annoyance, my husband tends to pile up clothes for the next day on his nightstand, so I chose to keep it uncluttered of items that would ultimately end up on the floor or pushed off to the side.  The “Canter” sign was a wedding gift that I loved, but could never find a spot for in our home.  The lamp is a set of two that I picked up for $20 at a flea market last summer.  Both lamps were badly tarnished, and if you have ever tried to clean brass, you know it is an enduring process.  Hence the reason only one of the lamps has been finished…MikeNightstand

Last on the list was the wall opposite our bed, which was a blank slate of gray wall.  The vintage mirror was given to me last weekend by my aunt, and will eventually go into the re-design of our guest bath.  It is so pretty it seemed silly to store it in the basement until we start the bathroom re-do.  I may go back and add some greenery or floral garland around it, but for now it does a great job of filling the empty space.

The bench is an Ikea coffee table that I covered with a throw blanket to add some color and texture.  I made yarn pom poms and attached to the straw basket which is a grey place to store clean laundry that needs put away.MasterBedAfter3

With all the rain and warm weather, our yard is in full bloom, making for a very scenic view out our window.  I grabbed some scrap rick-rack trim from my sewing box to use as curtain tie backs, and brought up some plants from downstairs to add some color.MasterBedAfter4

Below is a look at the room all together– yes I know the vent cover did not get painted to match the walls, but at least there is a vent cover!  Remember, I only had 4 hours and no money!MasterBedAfter1

For the full effect, below are Before & After photos, side by side.

Am I still unhappy with the gray wall color, yes.  But now I can walk into this room and feel happy and inspired by all the color and creativity I was able to bring in.  With so many celebrity designer blogs and perfectly photographed Pinterest interiors, it can become overwhelming and frustrating to achieve those looks without spending a fortune.

I hope this post will inspire you to give your home and your stuff a second look before heading out to buy brand new.  While this bedroom is still a work in progress, it is at a state that I can happily live with, which means I have money in my pocket for other projects or vacations.

So what do you think of the final result?  Are you up for the challenge of transforming a room using only what you have on hand?  What room are you giving a try?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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